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As companies globally embrace information and data led transformation it becomes inevitable to build an effective and efficient system to listen to the "Voice" of their customers. Organizations are continuously empowering themselves with new capabilities, systems and tools to help them take faster, accurate and smarter business decisions through the voice of their customers to stay ahead in this rather complex and rapidly changing business environment.

We offer Online and Web Survey programming solutions to organizations worldwide with a focus on cost efficiencies, excellent time management and most importantly, helping them derive reliable and accurate insights.

Company's today are increasingly using this medium of data collection to derive quick and reliable insights from their consumers to gain market and mind share. NxLevel Solutions has helped companies with complex Online and Web based research studies including and not limited to:

  1. Customer Satisfaction Surveys

  2. Brand Equity Surveys

  3. Advertising Effectiveness Surveys

  4. Choice based Conjoint Surveys

  5. Product Packaging Surveys

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With fierce competition, budget limitations and time constraints, companies globally are increasingly exploring new, improved and reliable methods of conducting web based research. Over the last few years, they seem to have found solace and success in outsourcing web based survey requirement to reliable research providers in India.

Survey Design and Programming

Look and feel, attention to detail and proper presentation of the survey instrument is critical to the success of an online or web Survey. The objective of the design, apart from understandably ensuring you ask the right questions to derive the right answers, should be to provide the respondent with an experience which takes them through the survey with ease and keeps them interested till the end. It may be common but mistaken understanding that attractive incentives ensure respondents complete surveys with sincerity and integrity, hence affecting the success of the research conducted.

Some important points for building a Survey design include:

  1. Keep it simple – Complex graphics would distract

  2. Simple instructions – respondent should be guided through the process with ease

  3. Logical question flow and format – Build up from simple to complex questions

  4. Use of the right Technology - Speed up movement from one page to the next, keep it interesting

  5. Don't ask too much – Don't move away from the objective and risk losing respondent interest

  6. Make it easy by reducing key strokes – Use Radio buttons, drop downs, sliders, skips and piping etc

  7. Use Randomization effectively – Helps eliminate listing bias

The success of a survey initiative depends on the integrity of the data collected. To ensure the validity of each response, we use complex programming to ensure we eliminate undesired, incorrect or biased responses. We also use time stamps extensively to ensure credibility of the data collected.

NxLevel Solutions helps customers save time, resources as well as promises the best online survey solution by dedicating a world class team of programmers to customize complex survey requirements.

Find out how the NxLevel Solutions Online Survey Solutions will ensure your respondents fill out every detail and have a great experience.

Online Reporting

Online Reporting is a useful tool to help decision makers keep track of the progress of the survey and monitor the result of their surveys real time.

Reporting features include:

  • Display Qualified and Disqualified Surveys

  • Live Statistics Summary

  • Date Filtering

  • Cross Tabulation

  • Calculate average in matrix columns

  • Pie Charts

  • Line Graphs

  • Bar Graphs

  • View Charts by page ranges

  • Search based on response to an individual question

  • Drill down to specific responses

  • Security level for viewing reports

  • Allow/Deny visitors access to view survey results


  1. You have data access 24/7

  2. The data is available in a simple format which makes it easier for our teams to work on and understand. The data can also be delivered in SPSS format if you so require

  3. Your team could download data at anytime and share the prelim findings with your client

  4. Our Data Processing team can access the data and start programming from Day 1

  5. We can run the tabs on prelim data and share it with your team who can then get back to us with any additional runs, tables or weights required

  6. Most importantly, you will have the tabs ready the day the survey is out of field- we will save up on precious time and costs

Complete Online and Web Survey Management Solutions:

We work with your Panel Provider as an extension of your team and provide them useful summary statistics throughout the life of the project and ensure you get out of field on time. We take incidence to higher levels even with traditionally low incidence samples by ensuring your provider targets the right audience. By profiling respondents on a regular basis we ensure your quota requirements are met and balanced as required.

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