Beyond Effective Salesmanship Training (BEST-sales)

Why do you need this program?  Conventional sales strategies and techniques no longer work in the new millennium. To survive in today’s scenario of keener competition and cut- throat pricing, salespeople must have not only better-honed selling skills, but stronger drive, dedication, and commitment as well.

Are your salespeople prepared to face the tougher challenges that lie ahead? Do they see selling as a career, or “just another job?”

This course will equip participants with the knowledge and skills for better communication, expanded creativity, and improved control of the sales process. More importantly, it will help them develop the habits of highly effective salespeople.

Who will benefit from this course?  This course is highly recommended for all sales personnel, as well as sales managers and supervisors. Marketing support staff would also benefit a great deal from this program.

How will participants learn?  Participants will learn by DOING — through role-plays and practice sessions. They will test their knowledge through case discussions, individual questionnaires, and group exercises. Brief lectures and readings will also supplement the learning process.

Course Outline:

Becoming a Highly Effective Salesperson
• The Private Victories
• The Public Victories

Shifting our Paradigms on Selling
• Conventional Views on Selling
• A Revolutionary Selling System: The Guerrilla
• The Nine-Word Guerrilla Credo

Guerrilla Prospecting
• Five Steps in Finding Prospects
• Successful Prospecting
• Centers of Influence
• The Power of Unconventional Prospecting

Understanding the Human Mind
• Why Do Prospects Act the Way They Do?
• The Six Phases of the Human Mind
• Appropriate Approaches for Each Phase
• Six Types of People

The “Need” Stage
• Setting the Stage
• Building Credibility
• Assessing Prospects
• Probing Techniques
• Listening Actively

The “Budget” Stage
• Discovering Your Prospect’s Budget
• Helping Prospects “Find” Funds
• Discussing Money with Different Types of Prospects & Building Future Sales

The “Commitment” Stage
• Summarizing
• Handling Objections
• Getting Commitment

The “Presentation” Stage
• Organizing Your Presentation
• Adapting Your Communication Style to Your Prospect’s Personality
• Being Prospect-Centered

The “Transaction” Stage
• Timing Your Closing
• Types of Closes
• Adapting Your Close to Your Prospect

The “Reward” Stage
• The Element of Surprise
• Going the Extra Mile